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New York City Wired’s Top 10 CyberSecurity and Technology Stories of 2016

2016 was a year filled with surprises, twists and turns. Among its highlights, the East Coast DDoS hack crashed thousands of sites, Yahoo email users continued to be compromised and Donald Trump, a devout Twitter user and billionaire businessman with no political experience, was elected the 45th President of the United States. This list was compiled based on hot technology topics and popularity among our readers. See our list of top Cybersecurity and technology stories below. Share your thoughts with us via Twitter @NYCWired.

10. Renovation Boosts Technology at 575 Fifth Avenue – Beacon Capital Partners and Met Life teamed up to renovate and boost technology at 575 Fifth Avenue, formerly home to L’Oreal cosmetics company. The companies hosted a tour to show off the building to industry professionals at an October open house. The 40-story building is Gold Certified by WiredScore giving tenants access to multiple fiber optic and internet service providers including Verizon, AT&T and Time Warner.

9.  165 Halsey Street Data Center Expands Facility, Colocation Space – New Jersey-based 165 Halsey Street announced that it is beefing up its facility in Newark including a new Colocation Room V on the eleventh floor of the data center. The Colocation Room V offers an additional 31,000 square feet of space. 165 Halsey has a total of dedicated 1.2 million square foot data center, colocation and telecom carrier hotel space.

8. New York Philharmonic Teams Up With Webair to Connect to NY1 Data Center – The New York Philharmonic is beefing up its technology and cybersecurity. The arts organization hired Webair to manage its cloud, colocation and managed solutions. As a part of the deal, Webair will connect the NY Philharmonic to NY1 Data Center on Long Island. Webair will also provide heightened cyber security to the organization’s IT system.

7.  NYC Free WiFi: Best Local Hot Spots in Midtown West – Midtown offers other options to get your wireless internet fix aside from the popular and highly frequented chains. Below are four tried-and-true Midtown cafes and coffee shops that offer reliable Wi-Fi for when your local chain shop is filled to the brim.

6. iPhone 7 Rumors: New iPhone Leak Disappoints in Design – While the new model promises upgraded storage options, the iPhone 7 seems to lack promise or many differences from its iPhone 6 conception in 2014. At this stage, the biggest flaw and most confusing issue about the leaked model is the lack of a headphone jack.

5. WiredScore Boosts CRE Broadband, Certifies 250 Million Square Feet inNYC, Worldwide –  New York City-based WiredScore, an organization that rates tech connectivity for commercial real estate buildings, celebrated a milestone. The organization announced that it has wired certified over 250 million square feet over the past three years.

4. Yahoo Hack: Why You Should Get Another Email Account – Yahoo has been the most stubborn of technology companies, unwilling to change and slow to embrace innovation. It’s coolest feature is the headline filled homepage, but lately even the headlines featured seem to lack interest.

3. Cybersecurity Breech Knocks Out East Coast Web Traffic – Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Tumblr, Reddit, PayPal and thousands of other sites were affected by the cyber attack. New York City Wired remained active during the East Coast cybersecurity breach. Dyn released a statement addressing the attack that crippled web activity in New York City and along the East Coast.

2.  Social Media, Stock Market Respond To Trump Presidential Win – The world was shocked on Wednesday Nov. 9 as non-establishment GOP candidate billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump, claimed election victory becoming the 45th President of the United States. Opinions about President-elect Trump’s victory continue more than two days after the election on social media as users, stock market investors express excitement and fear about the change in leadership.

1. DE-CIX Becomes Top Internet Exchange Point in NYC – DE-CIX recently announced that it has became the second largest Internet Exchange Point in the New York Metro Area. In addition to its latest accomplishment, DE-CIX is also now the seventh largest IXP in the country. About two years ago the company had no ranking among companies in the market.

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Monica Link

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