iPhone 7 Rumors: New iPhone Leak Disappoints in Design

New video footage and photos of what is presumed to be the new iPhone 7 model, was released by French tech site NWE. At first glance, the device doesn’t look much different from the iPhone 6s, but if you look closely, there are some changes. The appearance of the bulging camera, a missing headphone jack, refined antenna lines, and a seemingly missing home button, the design for Apple’s newest model leaves little to be desired.

While the new model promises upgraded storage options, the iPhone 7 seems to lack promise or many differences from its iPhone 6 conception in 2014. At this stage, the biggest flaw and most confusing issue about the leaked model is the lack of a headphone jack. How will iPhone users plug into their favorite songs or listen to videos while they’re on the go?

The video and photos can leave viewers with little excitement for Apple’s newest installment for the iPhone. The excitement for consumers is expected to come from the official marketing for the product. Do you still plan on purchasing the iPhone 7 after seeing the latest leaks? Let us know your thoughts via Twitter @NYCWired

Michaela Felix

Michaela Felix

Michaela Felix is a fashion, technology writer and social media editor. She is formerly the editor at Rutgers University "Curly in College" publication.