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NYC Subway 5G Connectivity Project Moves to Design Phase

Transit Wireless, a subsidiary of Australia-based BAI Communications, announced in the spring of 2023, that it has moved to the design phase of a 30-year license with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Transit Wireless will provide neutral host network infrastructure to support 5G cell coverage in all 418 track miles of NYC subway tunnels.

Transit Wireless currently provides such network infrastructure to 283 below-ground stations. It will expand public Wi-Fi service to all 191 above-ground subway stations and 21 Staten Island Railway stations. 

“Network design work is underway for the above-ground stations and tunnels. Transit Wireless is aligned with the MTA teams, with all future deployment schedules coordinated,” Melinda White, CEO of Transit Wireless said.

Transit Wireless is currently issuing Request for Proposals (RFPs), meaning bid solicitations, for equipment vendors and construction partners. Its executives are working with potential partners to ensure applicants meet New York State and MTA compliance rules and regulations. There is no taxpayer burden for the buildout. 

“We are working closely with all mobile network operators to ensure the project’s design is fully aligned with their carrier-grade specifications,” White said

The project is set to benefit from BAI’s operations in different regions, including work with Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in Oakland and ongoing work with Transport for London (TfL), aka the Tube.

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