Webair, DE-CIX Team Up to Provide Peering Services at NY1 Data Center

Infrastructure service provider Webair is teaming up with IXP Provider DE-CIX to boost its business on Long Island at NY1 data center. As a part of the deal,  NY1 customers can now easily access DE-CIX via Webair’s advanced interconnection and secure physical cross-connects. Customers will have access to transport, transit and public fabrics that are either built into the facility directly or via Webair’s MMR extensions to 60 Hudson St., 111 8th Ave and 325 Hudson data center.

“With 135  networks connected, DE-CIX continues to be the fastest-growing internet exchange in the New York-New Jersey metro area,” Ed d’Agostino, vice president of DE-CIX North America said in a statement.  “With this partnership, we are expanding our availability for networks – now for the first time for networks on Long Island.  We continue to be — by far — the most accessible IX in the New York area.”

Webair has been expanding its business in the New York City market. During the summer of 2016 The New York Philharmonic hired Webair to manage its cloud, colocation and managed solutions. As a part of the deal, Webair will connect the NY Philharmonic to NY1 Data Center on Long Island. Webair will also provide heightened cyber security to the organization’s IT system.

Monica Link

Monica Link

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