CBRE Group To Offer In-Building Wireless Mapping, Telecom Product

CBRE Group, Inc., a commercial real estate advisory firm, is launching a new application product for building owners. The company announced that it is rolling out its CBRE Telecom advisory services aimed at measuring Wi-Fi and telecommunications connectivity in buildings in select markets across the country, including New York City.

The company can visualize the customers’ network experiences via an interactive map, a floor plan or a photo taken from a mobile device. CBRE can now measure indoor and outdoor signal, throughput quality, and analyze key performance indicators including signal strength, downlink speed, latency and more.

“We cannot emphasize enough the importance of in-building coverage. When individuals have poor in-building network experiences, it impacts their overall view of a property,” Cris Kimbrough, Managing Director of Telecom Advisory Services for CBRE said in statement. “We want to raise awareness with our partners and customers that potential buyers and lessees require reliable mobile networks when considering commercial real estate properties, and we feel confident that this new service will give them the information they need to be successful.”

The full suite of services will officially launch in October 2016. For more details about the product go to




Monica Link

Monica Link

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