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Upstate New York, New Jersey Move into Phase 2 Reopening

Businesses and residents in Upstate, Central New York and New Jersey will enjoy more services and outdoor restaurant eating during phase 2 of the reopening process.
Areas in upstate and central New York will move into phase 2 on June 4. New Jersey outdoor restaurant seating will start on June 15.

The outdoor eating at restaurants will be the first time anyone in the tri-state area has enjoyed a sitting meal since the coronavirus outbreak forced the country to shut down in March.

Both New York and New Jersey will require patrons and staff to wear facemasks. Tables must be placed six feet apart. Restaurants must comply to stay open.

New York City, the hardest hit area by the coronavirus, will have to wait much longer before any of its estimated 26,000 restaurants can invite customers to eat outdoors. The city will enter Phase 1 reopening on June 8.



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