Uber, Lyft, Rideshare Suspended During NYC Curfew

New York City is cracking down on violent protesters organizing around town. As a part of the citywide curfew from 8 pm until 5 am, the city is suspending all traffic below 96 street and suspending all rideshare apps including Uber and Lyft citywide from 8 pm until 12:30 am. The city made the announcement via text messages to the public and Twitter.

The curfew, which started on June 1, following violent protests, looting and vandalism across the city following the death of George Floyd, an African-American Minnesota resident who died at the hands of police brutality. Protests and looting erupted across the United States including New York City. Since the days after the video of Floyd’s death went viral, peaceful protesters walk the streets of the city by day, while looters breaking into stores, lighting fires causing millions in property damage terrorize New York City at night. The NYPD has been struggling to control crowds and have also been the target of violence and vandalism to police vehicles and attacks on officers.

Essential workers will be able to ride in yellow and green taxi cabs. The latest move to suspend rideshare and for hire vehicle falls in line with previous restrictions placed on the app run transportation businesses.

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