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Google to Offer Businesses $100k Tech Training

Google recently announced the company would offer U.S. businesses $100,000 worth of tech training for their employees. The online training teaches tech skills in areas like digital marketing, data analytics and design.

The offering is an expansion of Google Career Certificates, a program launched in 2018 to help workers around the world learn new skills and strengthen their resumes. Courses are designed by Google and sold through Coursera, typically costing students $39 a month and taking three to six months to complete.

Google will now offer any business in the United States the opportunity to apply for up to 500 of these certificates. Businesses and their employees will receive the online instruction free to charge, an offering worth up to $100,000 according to Google.

Lisa Gevelber, founder of the unit Grow with Google that oversees these courses, said in a recent statement that these free certificates are intended to equip workers with the digital skills needed today.

“The pandemic accelerated the need for digital tools,” said Gevelber, adding that “digitally advanced businesses have been more financially resilient.”

To meet some of the demands for these digital skills, Google added a new digital marketing and e-commerce certificate for workers. The course teaches employees how to find customers and build and run their online stores. Other certificates offer training in IT support and project management, teaching students how to use popular software in each of these fields.

Scholarships for these certificates are currently open for any business in the United States. 

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Marin Howell

Marin Howell

Marin Howell is a current senior at Fordham University. She is majoring in journalism, with the hopes of working as a reporter after graduation. In her free time, Marin enjoys reading and exploring new parts of New York City.