WiredScore Expands West Coast Operations, Creates Advisory Panel in 2017

New York City-based WiredScore is growing. In 2017 the company has expanded its coveted Wired Certifications that measure commercial real estate connectivity to additional properties California. In addition to its rapidly growing portfolio of businesses, the organization has also created a special advisory panel to provide industry guidance in its next phase of business.

The rapid expansion has been driven by the rising competition in the commercial real estate market. Landlords are staying competitive to draw in more tenants looking for tech ready space to operate businesses driven by innovation.

In California alone, WiredScore has certified about 25 million square feet across 70 Wired Certified buildings. Airbnb’s Headquarters in San Francisco is among buildings certified using WiredScore’s standards for modern connectivity.

In addition to growing its California operations, WiredScore recently expanded to Paris, making it the first company to rank commerical real estate properties in the city.

In January 2017, WiredScore celebrated a milestone of 300 million square feet of certified commercial real estate space. The certifications are a part of a three-year-old program to rate buildings on technology accessibility. In addition to the certifications, WiredScore expanded its reach to include 750 buildings around the globe, including London.

Learn more about WiredScore’s certifications at WiredScore.com

Monica Link

Monica Link

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