NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Doubles Down on Rejecting National Guard Help After President Tweets #SAVENYC [VIDEO]

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is standing firm on his position to reject policing help from the National Guard. The Mayor responded at a press conference Tuesday to criticism amid President Trump’s Tweet suggesting the mayor get tough, accept National Guard help and #SAVENYC. Rejecting the policing help with violent protesters and looters, previously offered by New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, leaves the mayor to solely rely on the 36,000 officers in New York City Police Department.

Following the death of George Floyd, an African-American Minnesota resident who died at the hands of police brutality, protests and looting erupted across the United States including New York City. Since the days after the video of Floyd’s death went viral, peaceful protesters walk the streets of the city by day, while looters breaking into stores, lighting fires causing millions in property damage terrorize New York City at night. The NYPD has been struggling to control crowds and have also been the target of violence and vandalism to police vehicles and attacks on officers.

Soho, and midtown Manhattan where the iconic Macy’s flagship store was among the looting and vandalism, Fordham Road retail and business district in the Bronx, and areas close to downtown Brooklyn are among the hardest hit areas around New York City’s five boroughs. The continued violence and property damage could effect the June 8 city reopening. As of June 2, the plans to reopen the city to manufacturing retail and curbside retail pickup are on schedule.

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Monica Link

Monica Link

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