StoryCloud Unveils Video Deposition Platform

StoryCloud, the leading provider of video deposition services, today announced at Legaltech New York 2017, the release of its secure streaming video product for attorneys who do litigation. Using proprietary and patented technology, the platform enables high quality and secure video content to be recorded with and without an on-site videographer.

“This is exactly what the $10 billion a year litigation support service market needs,” Ken Kalb, CEO of StoryCloud said in a statement. The technology records and streams simultaneously while software in the cloud monitors and controls picture quality and sound. The StoryCloud platform brings economies of scale to a traditionally analog world reducing the price by more than half while making it remarkably easy to use and operate.

“Video depositions shouldn’t be the exclusive province of wealthy clients and their attorneys,” said Ken Kalb. Today, video depositions are used sparingly and only when the size of the case warrants.

“We’re democratizing the video deposition market making it affordable for plaintiff attorneys and their clients so that they can put their best foot forward, regardless of cost,” Kalb said.

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