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Port Authority Evacuates Commuters Following White Substance Found, Updates Public via Twitter

New York City’s Port Authority transportation hub for local and national bus service, evacuated travelers Wednesday morning after a suspicious white substance was found in the south wing of the building. The New York City Police Department evacuated the south wing and a portion of the building was temporarily closed. The white substance was ruled as non-hazardous. The Port Authority went to Twitter to provide real-time updates during the incident.

The scare follows a terror attack on the bus station in December 2017. During the 2017 incident, the Port Authority bus terminal was shut down after a small bomb explosion went off near the subway during the morning rush of commuters. The small explosion took place at the 42nd street station around 7:20 AM. A 27-year-old male suspect was taken into custody for triggering the explosion with a device attached to his body. The suspect, along with about three commuters, was injured. He was taken to Bellevue hospital.

Port Authority, along with other high traffic venues in New York City, has 24/7 security including law enforcement at the building with gear and procedures in place to prevent terror or crime related incidents.




Monica Link

Monica Link

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