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Starbucks Close Upper Manhattan Stores

Starbucks is making changes to its New York City stores during the coronavirus pandemic. New York City Wired has learned of at least four store closures in Upper Manhattan including Harlem, Hamilton Heights and Washington Heights. The stores have notes on the door that say they are temporarily closed.

The closures follow Starbucks annual shareholders meeting where it discussed temporary changes in order to deal with safety and revenue challenges related to the coronavirus.

Starbucks stores that remain open have closed dining rooms, a pickup only model or operate by drive-thru only.

“As we are navigating this dynamic global environment together, we will continue to prioritize the health and well-being of our partners and customers while we support local health officials and governments in containing the virus,” Kevin Johnson president and CEO of Starbucks said. “We are a resilient and enduring company by staying true to our Mission and Values with a purpose that goes beyond the pursuit of profit.” 

The recent Covid 19, coronavirus pandemic has rocked the food and beverage industry causing massive revenue losses, closures and service changes to a delivery only model over safety concerns nationwide.

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