NYSE Reopens Ahead of NYC, Gov. Cuomo Rings Bell [VIDEO]

While New York City’s 8.5 million residents patiently await a possible June reopening, the New York Stock Exchange opened the door to its trading floor on May 26. The NYSE trading floor has been closed since March due to Covid-19.The virus rocked New York City’s economy, forcing all non-essential businesses to temporarily shutter. New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, accompanied by his daughters and staff, rang the opening bell.

“I don’t believe this economy just bounces back, and it is not going to be enough just to go back to where the economy was. We are going to rebuild and recreate the economy for the future – stronger than before. Reopening the floor of the New York Stock Exchange is the first step. As trading on this iconic floor recommences, New York is showing the nation that we will lead the way,” Gov. Cuomo said.

As a part of the NYSE reopening, the organization activated safety measures to keep the trading floor and building safe. NYSE is supporting the six-feet social distancing measure, which means the floor will be less hectic due to the limited amount of people that can be inside at one time. All traders must also wear masks and will have their body temperature checked prior to entrance. Furthermore, all traders entering the building are asked to avoid using public transportation. To date, most employees will keep working remotely in an effort to follow social distancing guidelines.

Stacey Cunningham, president of NYSE wrote an opinion editorial in the Wall Street Journal detailing NYSE’s continuous support to limit the spread of the disease. “This moment comes as we begin working together across America to restart our economy. We are starting cautiously, with new safety measures to limit the strain on the health-care system and the risk to those who work beneath our roof. Now more than ever, we offer our #gratitude to those on the front lines during this historic moment,” Cunningham said.

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