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NYC Tech Events Go Digital, Mandate Vaccination

New York City tech event organizers are reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission by making fall events virtual or requiring vaccination. 

All virtual events include TechCrunch’s Disrupt 2021 and AI Tech Summit 2021, scheduled for late September. 

Empire Startups, which will host New York FinTech Week 2021 between October 18 and 22, is planning a hybrid event with virtual and in-person meetings. Attendees for the key in-person event, the New York Empire FinTech Conference on October 19, must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated to enter the venue space, New World Stages on West 50th Street. 

“It’s absolutely an evolving story as to how we’re ensuring safety. Empire Startups and its partners plan to follow CDC and New York City guidance on best practices regarding COVID-19 safety. That means a great deal of cleaning, attention to hygiene, appropriate physical distancing, and encouragement of the use of personal protective equipment,” said Jon Zanoff, founder of Empire Startups. 

“Fintech” refers to computer programs and technology that supports banking and financial services. Zanoff said the development and offerings of the fintech world have seen an enormous expansion during the pandemic.

“The pandemic has led to an enormous digitization of all types of financial services. For example, in the first two months of the pandemic, there was a spike in digital remittances (cross-border money transfers over the internet),” said Zanoff.

Zanoff said the safe in-person collaboration would help the fintech world accelerate the pace of bringing digital services to consumers. 

“The conversations at New York City FinTech Week lead to innovations for banks and venture capital for fintech startups. This will serve customers well during the recovery from the pandemic,” said Zanoff.

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