Lightpath Joins 325 Hudson in Lower Manhattan

Ethernet services provider Lightpath, is establishing a connection – known as a point of presence, at famed data center 325 Hudson in lower Manhattan. As a part of the deal, Lightpath will utilize connectivity services at the facility, which include bandwidth services, network and fiber optic connection capabilities. Establishing a connection at 325 Hudson could give Lightpath the ability to boost its New York City customer base and offer more services.

“In the New York metro area, Lightpath’s far-reaching fiber network takes businesses where they need to go,” Joe Flynn, Lightpath SVP of Sales said. “We understand that it is crucial for businesses to be able to move data quickly, reliably and easily throughout the region and have designed our network and services to meet these demands. We look forward to a collaborative relationship with Neutrality around opportunities at 325 Hudson and beyond.”

Data center 325 Hudson has become a popular location for telecommunications companies looking to offer or expand services to businesses in the New York City area. The 240,000-square-foot, 10-story location is wired with the latest technology needed to run an advanced server and fiber lines. 


Monica Link

Monica Link

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