iPad Rumors: Apple To Launch Business iPad March 21

Apple is launching a new business friendly iPad. According to Fast Company, Apple plans to unveil a new 9.7 inch iPad as another option in the lineup of devices. The smaller iPad will be smaller for travel but carry some of the same business friendly features of the 12.9 inch iPad released in 2015. Apple Pencil will be able to be used with the device. The smaller iPad is rumored to be enabled for use with a keyboard and have additional speakers.

Fast Company reports suggest the reason for the new iPad could be because of sluggish sales among the lineup of devices. During the fourth quarter of 2015, Apple saw a dip in sales for the iPad. In the previous quarter Apple sold 9.9 million iPads, a 19.5% decline from the year-ago quarter, and hitting below the 10-million unit mark for the first time since 2011.

Apple has not officially announced the new iPad or a name for the product if it is released.



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