Cybersecurity Among Booming Industries During Covid 19 Pandemic

The Cybersecurity industry has become essential to telecommuters during the pandemic. According to a study conducted by, the cybersecurity industry is among 30 industries seeing a surge in demand since the outbreak of the covid 19 disease, known as coronavirus, shut down round the world.

The need for enhanced cybersecurity measures include remote banking, finance, working and learning through electronic devices creates a widespread and urgent need for security, and pandemics and other crises create additional risks. The study results also mention, the World Health Organization (WHO) recent warnings regarding cybercriminals impersonating the WHO in an attempt to steal money or sensitive information. Personal Identity Management, VPN, VOIPs, firewalls, Unified Endpoint Management and other online security measures will be vital in the months ahead.

in addition to cybersecurity, other industries with increased demand mentioned in the research include air purification, e-commerce, firearms and contactless payments.

Since the coronavirus global pandemic began, several companies have experienced fed hacking and data breaches. Conference video app Zoom had its share of compromised accounts with incidents of users getting united guests in private video conferencing sessions. The company released additional guidance to its 12.92 million customers on how to keep unwanted users from hacking private sessions. Among suggestions provided to users, Zoom advised against sharing private meetings on social media. It makes the meeting public and easy for an unwanted person to join.

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