CyberGym Opens U.S. Cybersecurity Training,Technology Arena in NYC

New York City-based CyberGym opened its first U.S. cyber training and technology arena. The facility, located in Manhattan, features the latest in its global network of facilities where organizations use an emulation of their critical systems to test their people and qualify their cybersecurity technologies and policies.

CyberGym NYC will feature human-centered training and qualification programs based on models of the latest cyber attacks against financial, insurance, critical infrastructure, utility and government organizations. The arena becomes part of the network of CyberGym World Cyber Warfare Arenas. Other locations include Europe, Asia and Australia.

“CyberGym NYC is bringing sophisticated cybersecurity training and technologies with the benefit of a remote arena so more organizations can safely train against real-world cyber-attack scenarios,” Ofir Hason, CEO CyberGym said. “Our proprietary technologies allow us to bring cyber attacks to life so an organization can have a critical understanding of their cyber defense capabilities.”

Each CyberGym training arena is designed to mirror the IT and OT of a client, which provides realistic scenarios without the risk of exposing the actual network. The companies clients that have used the service and training scenerios include include NATO, Hitachi, Millennium BCP Bank, and the Israeli Electric Corporation. Learn more about the company at

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Monica Link

Monica Link

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