HackerOne Partners With HackEDU To Expand Free Hacker101 Web Training Platform

San Francisco-based hacker powered security platform HackerOne, announced the expansion of its free online hacker training program, Hacker101 through a partnership with interactive cybersecurity training company HackEDU. Hacker101 is giving away the first of its kind sandboxed training environments, modeled after five real-world vulnerability reports.

The new HackEDU-developed vulnerability sandboxes are the latest in their interactive coursework available to hackers and join existing Hacker101 interactive content, coursework and capture the flag (CTF) challenges.

“Hacking is a highly sought after skill, but it is not always clear how to get started or advance to the next level. This is why we started Hacker101,” said Cody Brocious, HackerOne security researcher and Head of Hacker Education. “Now with HackEDU’s sandboxes and interactive lessons, hackers can test their skills like never before. With simulated real-world bugs — originally discovered by top bug hunters in the community — you will learn something new with these latest sandboxes, no matter your skill level.”

Get the full details at Hacku.io

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