Why Coffee is Good For Tech Business

If you’re looking to make your next big technology business deal, look no further than your local coffee shop. In the age of technology people still prefer to meet face to face over the most accepted and addictive pleasures in business, coffee. According to research by Harvard University’s School of Public Health, 54 percent of Americans over age 18 drink coffee everyday. The idea that coffee influences business, has no real data yet, but I can speak from my own experience at a Starbucks in San Francisco.

On a 2015 visit to San Francisco, I witnessed three business deals by tech startups while grabbing an Americano at Starbucks – no whip with soy. While drinking my coffee, I overheard tech startups discussing jobs, clients and business deals over a cup of coffee. The mix of coffee and business can be delightful. Here’s a few tips for using the morning ritual to boost your tech business or any business you run.

1. Don’t Let a Week go by Without a Invitation – Inviting people to coffee can bring up trust and break the ice in a business relationship. It’s that place where it’s OK to talk about your last great vacation before discussing money.

2. Offer to Bring Coffee To A Meeting – It may sound corny but meeting someone early in the morning can be a great experience if you bring them something in return. People love gifts. Bring cream, sugar, cinnamon and other options with your gift.

3. Don’t forget After work Coffee – Rush hour can be stressful for some. There are some business people who would rather spend an extra 30 minutes after work drinking coffee than fighting the commute. Find a coffee shop that offers liquor and you’ve created more options for your guest.

Are coffee dates better than a quick email on LinkedIn? There are many options that make business networking great. Before you write that next business proposal, review the situation. It just might require a side of coffee to go with it.

Monica Link

Monica Link

Monica Link is a New York City-based multimedia journalist, entrepreneur and performer. She produces media including content, stage, film and events. Her resume includes interviews with celebrities, New York Times bestsellers, executives and fashion designers. Ms. Link is the founder of Link4Productions Media and Entertainment. She serves as on on-air digital media journalist. Her media writing and on-air work include Bold TV, National Mortgage News, Tribes art reviews, and the New York Observer.