Anti Hero Capital Invests in Crypto and Digital Currency using Evolutionary Science

Australia-basedAnti Hero Capital Fund is seeking to raise $30 million dollars for a fund from wholesale investors, providing them with actively managed exposure to the global suite of digital currencies. The Fund, of which Anti Hero Capital is investment manager, uses a quantitative approach based on evolutionary science to determine which cryptocurrency tokens have the highest potential for rapid growth.

Co-founder James Nguyen said he believes cryptocurrencies could be the fastest growing asset class of the century.

“Cryptocurrencies are an entirely new asset class that is uncorrelated to traditional markets, with huge growth and diversification potential,”Nguyen said.“In 2017, the total market capitalisation of the cryptocurrency industry grew by 3,300 per cent from $18 billion to $610 billion USD. In comparison, the S&P 500 index only increased by 26 per cent over the same period. Still, there has been a lot of confusion and negative market sentiment around this asset class. We’ve seen the accelerated appreciation and decline of Bitcoin in recent months, with such volatility impacting overall market sentiment.”

The Fund will primarily aim to deliver growth and diversification benefits to wholesale and sophisticated investors. A focus on deep analysis of strong qualitative and quantitative data will flag signals of growth potential in cryptocurrencies prior to mainstream awareness.

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