Verseon Unveils New Blockchain Technology For Tokenized Securities

California -based Verseon unveiled a blockchain technology for tokenized securities, developed by its subsidiary, BlockRules Ltd. The new technology will be available for clients nationwide including New York City.

BlockRules technology supports the sale, launch, and trading of securities on a public blockchain complete with multijurisdictional regulatory compliance integrated and enforced directly on the blockchain. This breakthrough permits fully regulated, secure, and transparent support of securities, including decentralized trading.

Current blockchain technology has the potential to transform the global investment landscape. To accomplish that, token offerings need to comply with existing security regulations if they are to become ubiquitous. The technology developed by BlockRules is designed to overcome these regulatory hurdles.

“We founded Verseon with the goal of developing new technologies to advance the discovery and development of new medicines,” said Adityo Prakash, CEO of Verseon. “By democratizing investment access with blockchain technology, we will change the way new medicines and other life-science innovations are funded and how the resulting proceeds are shared.”

BlockRules Ltd. plans to offer its technology to innovative companies ready to embrace the rapidly developing blockchain community. By bringing regulatory certainty to the blockchain, BlockRules aims to provide the global investment community with safer and more relevant opportunities for investment.

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