Blockchain Charity Foundation and United Nations Development Announce Blockchain Partnership

Blockchain Charity Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme announced a partnership to support the application of blockchain technology for social good. BCF’s contribution of $1 million USD to UNDP was announced during the UN General Assembly, at a side session co-hosted by BCF, Finance Center for South-South Cooperation and the Women Political Leaders Global Forum.

“We firmly believe that blockchain technology will bring transformative solutions to social problems, and help bridge the UN Sustainable Development Goals funding gap in fast and innovative ways,” said Helen Hai, Head of Blockchain Charity Foundation. “Working with UNDP, our aim is to eradicate poverty and empower and bring prosperity to millions who are marginalized and living in poverty. We are honored to host this meeting today, and partner with UNDP to provide social impact financing and improve philanthropy with blockchain.”

During the symposium ‘Blockchain for Social Good: Utilizing Blockchain to Aid Economic Development,’ BCF also unveiled its decentralized charity platform, showcasing how each donation can be tracked every step of the way from donor to end beneficiaries. A whitepaper on blockchain for inclusive growth was also discussed with experts at the session, facilitated and led by the Dalberg Group. The whitepaper will be one of the knowledge products to be further developed under the partnership.



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