Tech CEO’s Will Shape The Future of New York City

If you’re worried about the future of New York City, look no further than the leaders of the technology and telecommunications companies based in and around the city. Over the past six months, technology CEO’s have been discussing how to make the NYC’s infrastructure better and capable of handling the needs of the brokers, business professionals and residents who call this great city home.

As a small business person, I’ve seen the infrastructure problems from a consumer and professional view. Technology has to be available for big business, small business, luxury apartments, regular apartments and public housing. The problems are being solved but it takes time to mend NYC’s late start in infrastructure upgrades.

In my own apartment, I can only get one internet service provider. Many residents in the city face this problem. Some apartment buildings can choose between three or four. If you live in a mixed use building where apartments and commercial space coexist, you might have a healthy offering of technology companies ready to give you service for your home and or small business. Small commercial buildings also have these concerns and worries.

in 2012 Hurricane Sandy, though costly and damaging to the wiring that lives beneath New York City, forced Verizon and other providers to update critical infrastructure. Upgrading infrastructure gives technology an opportunity to grow.

Upgrading infrastructure also creates jobs, business deals, partnerships and gives a much needed boost to the local economy. The CEO’s of technology startups, and the top telecom companies in the tri-state area have the power to shape the future of the city. As technology grows, technology infrastructure grows with it. In a story we reported about the DE-CIX Summit, panelists comprised mostly of technology company leaders discussed the future of technology and fiber optic growth in NYC.

Ray La Chance, CEO of ZenFi cited costs and government issues for slowing down the process during one of the panel discussion. Throughout the DE-CIX summit technology CEO’s stressed how much they want to grow business and provide more service for customers in the city.

As more opportunities grow, CEO’s will take center stage and continue to push the city toward taking a higher spot in worldwide technology infrastructure and business development. The future of New York City depends on it and so do many business models. To all the CEO’s who may be reading, there’s a long road ahead, but innovation and progress is worth the effort.

Monica Link

Monica Link

Monica Link is a New York City-based multimedia journalist, entrepreneur and performer. She produces media including content, stage, film and events. Her resume includes interviews with celebrities, New York Times bestsellers, executives and fashion designers. Ms. Link is the founder of Link4Productions Media and Entertainment. She serves as on on-air digital media journalist. Her media writing and on-air work include Bold TV, National Mortgage News, Tribes art reviews, and the New York Observer.