MTBC Announces Partnership with Winpoint Health

MTBC a provider of cloud-based healthcare IT solutions and services today announced its new partnership with Winpoint Health LLC, company that assists healthcare practices with chronic care management.

“As one of the leading providers of electronic health records and other healthcare IT solutions, MTBC will be a great partner for Winpoint,” said Rick Thomas, President of Winpoint.”Winpoint was established with the goal of complementing physicians’ patient care by engaging patients between office visits and, like MTBC, we leverage our technology and team to accomplish our important mission.”

“We’re pleased to be launching our partnership with Winpoint,” said Karl Johnson, SVP Business Sales and Marketing for MTBC. He continued, “As we collaborate on business development activities, we look forward to adding value to existing client relationships, while identifying new opportunities.”

Winpoint Health LLC, a New York based chronic care case management services startup, engages patients between office visits by leveraging technology and its clinical team. This engagement and monitoring is premised on the understanding that patients, when regularly engaged and supported, eat better, exercise more, and adhere to their medications and lead overall healthier lives.

MTBC’s partnership with Winpoint will include cross-marketing and coordination regarding service offerings.



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