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Futurestay Website, App Pushes Real Estate Rental Innovation Beyond Airbnb

Property owners with limited time could struggle with placing advertisements and signing up for multiple rental websites. New Jersey-based, a website debuting an app in 2018, aims to make life easier for property owners wishing to rent out spaces part or full time. The service acts as a middle man, creating automation to allow multiple listings between Airbnb, HomeAway and other vacation rental websites.

“By automating the process of renting out a home, Futurestay impacts both sharing economy participants and commercial real-estate enterprises. Whether you’re renting out a single apartment in NYC or 50 luxury vacation villas in Bali, you have similar challenges at different scale,” S. Phillip Kennard, CEO of Futurestay told New York City Wired. “In the short-term rental industry, innovation is driven by traveler demand. With years of booking hotels online at sites like Expedia or directly, travelers are used to instant online booking, seamless communication and consistent, trustworthy experiences. Now that we’re a $100 billion global industry, innovation isn’t optional.”

Among Futurestay’s success stories are Francine and Kevin Rollock from Canada. The couple launched their vacation rental business in 2009 on the coast of the Dominican Republic. They’ve since grown to nearly 20 rental properties, and have struggled with the manual, repetitive tasks of managing vacation homes ever since. Futurestay was a game changer for the rental entrepreneurs.

” Working on our own was very time consuming and trying to keep all of our calendars updated on multiple sites like airbnb and Wimdu was a manual nightmare,” Francine Rollock said. “Then we discovered Futurestay. They listened to what we needed (a better website, connections with rental websites, ideas to better promote our business on-line, etc.) and took over the planning. We can now accept credit cards, making it a lot easier for guests to book their stay directly in our website. Previously, it was too expensive for us to accept credit cards.”

The website isn’t limited to real estate owners with multiple properties. The site also caters to apartment dwellers who want to rent out properties on special occasions and weekends.

Futurestay’s business automation dashboard is live, serving over 55,000 properties in 120 countries. Among the company’s upcoming advancements is the Self-Renting Home, creating an automated, lightweight management experience for the rental entrepreneur.

More details about the service can be found at

Monica Link

Monica Link

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