AiNET Brings Dark Fiber to Washington D.C.

Maryland-Based IT Services provider AiNet is expanding its high speed fiber optic network to Washington D.C. at 901 15th Street NW. As a part of the expansion, AiNET will offer dark fiber and other products and services in the area.

“Organizations that operate in the Washington capital region have extraordinarily unique needs,” Michael Fox, AiNET’s regional Vice President responsible for business development said in a statement. “These folks are doing very complex and important work, analyzing critical data, managing global projects, you name it; but the scope of that work can often overwhelm the existing systems they have in place to handle it. What we are doing is finding synergies, bringing cloud, connectivity, storage and platform, and creating unique solutions as a service that allows our clients to focus on what it is they actually do, with the assurance that the technologies they rely on are meeting and exceeding their needs.”

In addition to its business at 15th street, AiNET previously announced that it is providing George Washington University with high speed fiber.

AiNET has been beefing up its data centers, and building connections with secure fiber communications networks. Customers of the company include the Department of Defense, the Department of Labor, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Level 3 Communications, Comcast, Cox and many others.

Monica Link

Monica Link

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