WiredScore Certifies 750 Buildings, 300 Million Square Feet Across The Globe

New York City-based WiredScore is celebrating a milestone in 2017. The company announced that it certified 300 million square feet of commercial real estate space. The certifications are a part of a three-year-old program to rate buildings on technology accessibility. In addition to the certifications, WiredScore expanded its reach to include 750 buildings around the globe, including London.

“We’re incredibly proud to reach 750 Wired Certified properties across the globe, accounting for 300 million square feet of real estate,” Arie Barendrecht, Founder and CEO of WiredScore said. “Since day one, our mission was to expand and improve connectivity in commercial real estate buildings. With this milestone, we’re one step closer to ensuring that all businesses – from exciting startups to well-established companies – have access to the tech infrastructure they need to both innovate and succeed.”

The coveted wired certifications are based on the ability to host multiple internet providers, fiber-optic connections, and more. The certifications range from basic to platinum. About one-third of the commercial buildings in New York City are Wired Certified. Some of the most notable commercial buildings in Manhattan have certifications. The list includes the famed Hippodrome building at 1120 Avenue of the Americas, The Paramount Building at 1501 Broadway and 470,000 square-foot Hines-owned 7 Bryant Park.

In addition to its overflowing customer base, the influence has helped define competition among commercial and mixed use buildings in Manhattan, extending to other cities far beyond the tri-state area. The popularity of the program has building owners treating the connectivity of a building like a utility. The importance of fiber-optic connectivity could mean the difference between an empty office space or a long-term tenant that can house big operations and big data company servers.


Monica Link

Monica Link

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