New York Auto Show Postponed Until 2021 [VIDEO]

The annual New York International Auto Show is making changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The organization announced it is postponing the annual spring event until April 2021. The Show is being cancelling this year’s show, “For the Good if NYC”, organizers of the 120-year-old show said in a brief statement referring to social distancing with health and safety measures related to the potentially deadly coronavirus. The new dates for the show is Sunday, April 2 – Sunday April 11, 2021. The show was initally postponed from April to August 2020, but the New York City shutdown along with areas across the globe, extension into June or longer has changed plans for many businesses including the auto industry.

The New York auto show typically displays the best in auto design and innovation with options for media professionals and the general public to sit in display models of new vehicles prior to the release for future model years. Technology has been a large component of the show for many years of the show. Self driving vehicles, internal components connected to navigation, phones and driver comfort.

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