MTA Debuts Hand Sanitizer Vending Machines [VIDEO]

New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority is making sure customers have options when it comes to staying safe from the potentially deadly coronavirus. The MTA unveiled its new initiative to place vending machines with hand sanitizer, gloves and masks at selected stations across New York City’s five boroughs.

Customers can buy the personal protection equipment (PPE) from the machines, but will have an option to obtain free masks from station staff, since face coverings have become a mandatory requirement for all subway riders.

As a part of its safety measures, an estimated 1 million Free face masks will be distributed to riders who forgot or do not have one at stations across the five boroughs. About 35,000 gallons and 500,000 small bottles of hand sanitizer have been distributed to the MTA. There is a free public hand sanitizer pump at select stations to help riders keep clean hands and stop the spread of coronavirus.

There is also continue increased cleaning on trains and buses by the MTA. The overnight cleaning closures will continue during Phase One Reopening. The Essential Connector Program, the program invented to stop the spread of Covid-19, shut down the subway during its slowest hours between 1 am and 5 am for cleaning during the pandemic. Additional cleaning will also be included throughout the day. The MTA is experimenting with new technologies to help clean the trains including a system using ultraviolet light. Watch a video of the cleaning below.

Monica Link

Monica Link

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