iPhone 7 Rumors: New Phone Will Not Be Waterproof

The next generation iPhone will have some changes but retain flagship features. According to Apple Insider,  the new iPhone 7 will not be waterproof. The iPhone 7 will keep many of the features on the current iPhone 6s with the exception of the lightening port. Apple Insider cites sources from Japanese blog KGI. The blog reported that the claims of a waterproof iPhone 7 using new materials are false.

Other details include the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will not feature dual-lens technology, but the larger 5.5-inch version might.

According to ValueWalk.com, Apple plans to give the iPhone 7 the same battery and display used in the iPhone 6s. Reusing the same display and battery could cut costs for Apple and allow the company to spend money to develop better technology in other parts of the phone.

The iPhone 7 is rumored to deliver a range of new tech. Projected specs includes an A10 System on a chip (SOC) that will sit at the heart of the smartphone and a super thin frame at 6mm thick.

The iPhone 7 might also have a 2K display, an Apple wireless charging puck, front-facing speakers, and an 8MP selfie camera in the front.

Monica Link

Monica Link

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