NYC Mayor de Blasio Among Speakers At The Democratic National Convention

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been added to the updated list of speakers at the Democratic National Convention. The political convention is set to take place July 25 – 28 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Mayor de Blasio will join government officials around the country for the four-day event. The DNC is expected to officially nominate presumptive democratic nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Mayor has been very vocal about his support for Clinton. The two got into hot water with the public over a racially inappropriate joke Clinton and de Blasio said at a skit during the Inner Circle Dinner. They both moved on from the controversy and moved forward in the campaign process.

The updated list from the DNC includes notable representatives from the tri-state area and along the east coast. The list includes Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Sen. Cory Booker, Congressman Joseph Crowley, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The DNC follows the trending Republic National Convention. At the convention Donald Trump accepted the nomination as the official republican presidential candidate. The Mayor expressed his disapproval of Trump’s acceptance speech on Twitter.

 Hillary Clinton – who formally held a New York senate seat, also tweeted messages refuting facts from Trump’s speech. For most of the GOP convention, Clinton watched speeches, tweeted jokes and anti-Trump messages. Trump and many convention speakers took aim at Clinton for her record and email scandal. Dr. Ben Carson compared Clinton to lucifer and in a shocking twist Sen. Ted Cruz said, “Vote your conscience” instead of supporting his rival Trump with the rest of the Republican Party. Clinton quoted Cruz in a tweet with a link to her website. It is now one of her lost popular tweets. Political commentators made predictions that the November election will be close. Trump, who has no prior political experience, made a point that his outsider status is why voters should support him.  “Corruption has reached a level, like never ever before in our country,” Trump said in his speech. Donald Trump spoke for 75 minutes, one of the longest speeches in the history of the RNC. At the close of the convention his family joined him on stage and balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling.

Clinton is set to give her acceptance speech on stage at the DNC on Thursday July, 28.

Monica Link

Monica Link

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