APPLE EVENT: iPhone Maker Rolls Out Lower Cost iPad Amid Education Initiative [VIDEO]

Apple kicked off its first signature events for 2018 in Chicago. The Silicon Valley-based company executives traveled to the Midwest for the event on Tuesday, March 27, at Lane Tech College Prep High School  with presentations, music and product roll outs. Among Apple‘s big reveal is a less expensive iPad device and innovative apps.

The new iPad is 9.7 inches with a pencil and is priced at $349 with a discount price for schools, a price Apple deems more affordable since it’s almost half the price of the  10.5 inch iPad Pro and significantly less than the supersized 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Another highlight from the event is Apple’s push for diversity among its audience using a big opening with school children from different backgrounds. The company announced its partnership with Chicago Public Schools to teach coding and its commitment to boosting technology education in all communities around the country.

“Education is a big part of who we are as a company and has been for 40 years,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said. “Back in 1978 Apple saw the incredible opportunity to bring powerful computer technology to everyone, including kids and teachers. We had a unique insight into how technology could inspire kids to unleash their creative genius.”

Additional highlights from the Apple event includes Schoolwork, a new app that helps personalize learning for students and the company is now offering 200GB of free iCloud storage available for students and teachers. Watch the full Apple event at the link below. For more technology updates follow us on Twitter @NYCWired.


Monica Link

Monica Link

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