ZenFi Expands Dark Fiber Connection From Manhattan To The Bronx

Fiber provider ZenFi, announced that it is expanding dark fiber availability from Manhattan to the Bronx. The extension of services is a part of ZenFi‘s “Any Pair, Anywhere” expansion plan.

“ZenFi has created a pervasive dark fiber network unlike anything previously available in the New York metro area,” explains ZenFi President and CEO, Ray LaChance said in a statement. “By establishing colo-to-colo connectivity between Manhattan’s largest carrier hotels and extending our Access Network to The Bronx, ZenFi is enabling enhanced wireless connectivity and the Internet of Things in New York, allowing customers to connect anywhere in the City on a dedicated, dark fiber platform.”

ZenFi New York Metro Cross-Connect Services, with connectivity to 18 New Jersey-based data centers, are currently available for immediate turn-up in 111 8th Avenue, 75 Broad Street, 85 10th Avenue, 60 Hudson Street and 325 Hudson Street. The ZenFi Access Network is also operational in the Bronx, providing customers with extended connectivity throughout the borough and back into Manhattan. Leveraging a neighborhood network and colocation infrastructure model, the network is specifically designed to support widely distributed wireless equipment interconnection and colocation.

In 2015, ZenFi established a connection or point of presence at famed data center, 325 Hudson in Manhattan. The 240,000-square-foot, 10-story location is wired with the latest technology needed to run an advanced server and fiber lines.



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