Verizon, GSMA Team Up For IoT

Telecommunications giant Verizon and GSMA, the trade organization representing mobile operators worldwide, are teaming up to create a remote provisioning and management of the embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC), also known as a SIM embedded in a device. The partnership makes Verizon the GSMA-certified certificate issuer for remote provisioning and management of the eUICC for IoT devices.

“This is a promising step forward in securing IoT for the masses – the GSMA’s adoption of security certification through Verizon’s Security Credentialing Service will ensure standards for operators and manufacturers across the board, creating a more secure and consistent approach to IoT security moving forward.” Mark Bartolomeo, VP of IoT at Verizon said.

Verizon has long focused on this space, providing critical tools and thought leadership like Verizon’s IoT Security Credentialing service, which adds an extra layer of protection through the eUICC. The security credentialing service is designed to help reduce many of the security threats linked with today’s IoT deployments, enabling developers to secure single points of vulnerability and better protect devices and applications regardless of service provider or type of transport deployed




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