Verizon Offers Fios Prepaid Services to NYC, East Coast Consumers

Verizon is offering new packages to boost its Fios fiber-based internet service in New York City and across the East Coast. The company announced that it will offer Fios internet, TV and home phone service with no contract, credit card or credit checks required. The new packages will be offered to customers in select cities including New York City metro, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Boston metro area, Delaware and the Washington D.C. metro area.

“Fios Prepaid offers a new way to experience Fios for customers seeking payment flexibility,” Susan Retta, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Verizon said in a statement. “From students to snowbirds, consumers are looking for service and options on their terms. For those with little or no credit history, Fios Prepaid offers 100% fiber-optic quality Internet featuring upload speeds as fast as download speeds, and crystal-clear TV service with no annual contract, deposit or credit check required—it doesn’t get any easier to join the Fios family.”

Verizon’s move to offer the prepaid plan may soften critics who say the company does not offer enough competitive pricing and offers limited installations to more affluent, upper middle class areas. In 2016, Verizon reached a deal with the Communications Workers of America and affiliated unions to end a nearly 45-day strike that started in April. As a part of the deal, Verizon agreed to add new jobs, give raises and take back some of the proposed cuts to benefits. The strike affected operations primarily on the East Coast which included New York City.

The CWA has accused Verizon of unfair wages, sending jobs overseas and failing to complete FiOS installations in areas where workers would benefit from the wages. Since Verizon settled the strike, the company has made strides in offering more products, expanding services and acquiring new companies, including Yahoo.

Get more details about the new Fios plans from Verizon’s website.

Monica Link

Monica Link

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