SPYR Expands Facebook Availability of Pocket Starships Game

SPYR Inc., is expanding its flagship game, Pocket Starships, for more gamers. The company  increased the number of potential people who can find and play Pocket Starships by the billions.

Pocket Starships is among the first games that can be played in Facebook’s new PC app “Gameroom,” and then SPYR released news that the game is now available on 46 separate game portals throughout the world and counting.

SPYR also anticipates that before the end of next quarter, a Windows update will be added to Pocket Starships that will allow an additional 350 million potential users to access the game through their Windows devices.

SPYR says its ability to make Pocket Starships available on all of these portals, as well as on mobile devices is only possible because of the unique cross-platform aspect of the game. And because Pocket Starships is available on these portals, it provides the opportunity for the space-themed game to be “featured” at any time on each individual portal, which, of course, increases visibility, the game’s users and revenue coming into the company through in-app purchases by the players.

Pocket Starships is available on Facebook. Read a full release about the game HERE



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