Bomb Cyclone Snow Storm Shuts Down New York City Airports, Schools [VIDEO]

Travelers and tourists were forced to delay trips due to canelled flights at New York City’s three major airports Thursday morning. The haulted airline service was casued by the Bomb Cyclone winter storm that slammed the East Coast with high winds, bitter cold and blizzard-like conditions. The storm hammered New York City with 6-10 inches of blowing snow, closed city schools, airports and slowed MTA subway and bus service. Ferry service was also impacted. The city prepared by sending 683 salt spreaders and 1500 plows on the road. Sanitation workers were called in to work 12-hour shifts.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio urged city residents to stay indoors if possible and promised to clean city streets as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“This is a very serious storm”, Mayor de Blasio said at a Press Conference. “I am now declaring a major weather emergency for New York City.” In addition to Mayor de Blasio’s declaration Gov. Andrew Cuomo delared a state of Emergency in New York State for the lower half of the state which includes New York City. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie declared a state of emergency for Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean and Monmouth counties in the state,

By Thursday afternoon, New York City’s weather forecast was 23 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like 10 degrees. Frigid temperatures and snow glazed over the East Coast impacting New York’s neighboring states New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.




Monica Link

Monica Link

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