AT&T Boosts NYC Infrastructure

AT&T is making strides in updating its New York City infrastructure.

The company’s engineers created a network able to cover both full-time city-dwellers and commuters that depend on connectivity in the bridges, tunnels, and trains. AT&T created a virtual reality experience from New York City featured on its website. Here are a few highlights from AT&T’s presentation on its NYC infrastructure improvements.

  • Brooklyn Bridge – It’s easy to forget, but Manhattan is an island and millions of people travel across its bridges every day. On each side of the bridge, There’s a special antenna that covers the bridges end to end.
  • 30 Rockefeller Center – From the subway station below 30 Rock to the Observation Deck, AT&T covers this building literally from top to bottom. Tour antennas on the rooftop observation deck and base station equipment.
  • Central Park– In a city like NY where real estate for cell sites are limited, we had to get creative to densify our network. AT&T is installing LTE and Wi-Fi enabled metrocells on light posts throughout the city.

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