Verizon, Partners with Google to Launch WFH Technology

Verizon Business announced it is teaming up with Google and unveiling BlueJeans Meetings. The new technology is now available for Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

The new technology offers an immersive, premium and hands-free video conferencing experience that enables workers to work smarter, faster and safer. BlueJeans Meetings paired with Glass Enterprise Edition 2 and a Pixel 6’s 5G mobile hotspot can help boost productivity and facilitate collaboration for the remote workforce from anywhere2, in an easy-to-use way, to help businesses save time and improve the quality of their work. 

“5G is the platform powering the future of work, enabling teams to leverage technology and reimagine what it means to get work done in a hybrid environment,” Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business said in a statement. “Our collaboration between BlueJeans by Verizon, Google Pixel and Glass will deliver customers a high-quality, augmented reality experience that can help ease operational challenges and improve business outcomes. Together, Verizon Business and Google are making the future of work a reality, today.”

By allowing a supervisor to see a remote employee’s vantage point virtually, rather than needing to see that perspective in-person, BlueJeans on Glass EE2 can help field workers get expert support without leaving the job site. BlueJeans with Glass EE2’s hands-free capabilities can also help enable remote field workers—such as warehouse workers, technicians, and engineers—to more efficiently fulfill customer orders or build complex machines. Businesses looking to get even more from their Google ecosystem can pair Glass Enterprise Edition 2 with a Google Pixel 6 and Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband connectivity leveraging C-Band spectrum6, using BlueJeans to maximize remote and field worker productivity and minimize error rates by utilizing visual guidance over hand-held solutions.

Glass Enterprise Edition 2’s hands-free, lightweight design and Pixel 6’s battery-saving features offer a convenient, mobile connection and long-lasting video connection that allows workers to focus on doing their best work—all of which will be made possible with BlueJeans’ secure and convenient video conferencing app and Verizon’s 5G capabilities on America’s most reliable network. Key features of BlueJeans Meetings on Glass Enterprise Edition 2 include1:

  • Simplified Navigation: The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 interface allows users to easily navigate settings and apps, such as the BlueJeans Meetings feature settings, using the side mounted touchpad.
  • Seamless Meeting Join Experience: Join a BlueJeans Meeting by scanning a QR code containing the meeting IDs and password.
  • HD Video Collaboration: Glass Enterprise Edition 2’s built-in 8MP camera & the preloaded BlueJeans app can stream up to 720p HD video resolution and provides an immersive experience with spatial audio.
  • Immersive Audio: Built directly into BlueJeans Meetings, Dolby Voice audio features world-class noise suppression to mitigate any potential disruptions that could impact timely issue resolution and spatial audio to deliver truly immersive collaboration. 
  • Connect to your remote workforce with 5G Connectivity: Pixel makes the most of 5G– quickly and efficiently access the Pixel’s 5G mobile hotspot, and share its connectivity with ease leveraging QR code Wi-Fi share.5
  • New mobile experiences: Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro’s significant redesigns combine superior technology with no-stress security features powered by the Google Tensor processor to boost workforce productivity and help protect sensitive data – they’re the smartest and fastest Pixel phones yet3.

BlueJeans Meetings with Pixel 6 and Glass Enterprise Edition 2 offers convenient and secure video collaboration that allows enterprise remote and field workers to focus on doing their best work rather than wrangling tools.

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