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Verizon Expands 5G Home Internet, Skips NYC

New York-based Verizon is expanding its 5G Home Internet to new markets across the country. The faster internet aimed at raising download and connection speed for home workers and school children is now available in Milwaukee and Tampa, Fla. While the list of about 30 cities continues to grow, Verizon has not announced when 5G home internet services will arrive in New York City, but the faster technology is available to wireless customers in the area.

Verizon has been expanding its efforts to increase its 5G business. In 2020, Verizon announced its expansion across the United States. Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband is now available in 19 new cities. it is expected to handle data volumes 100 times larger than today’s capabilities, and ultra-low latencies, which is the time it takes for a signal to make a round trip from point A to point B. Verizon’s use of mmWave spectrum, the backbone of 5G Ultra Wideband, is essential to these revolutionary capabilities.

Customers in 55 cities can now experience ultra-fast wireless speeds, allowing them to download and stream movies and TV shows in seconds, videoconference and collaborate remotely in near real time, and take advantage of new immersive customer experiences never before available wirelessly. By the end of 2020, Verizon plans to launch 5G Ultra Wideband in more than 60 cities.

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