Top New York City FinTech ‘Unicorn’ Companies

New York City’s technology unicorns are in a wide variety of industries, particularly fintech. A unicorn is a privately held startup with a value of over $1 billion. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many unicorns have shifted operations and sales to digital platforms. This has allowed the startups to meet increases in demand. As more established companies, unicorns have faced COVID-related challenges in production, supply chain issues, and staffing. 

Unqork offers a software app that allows organizations to build and maintain enterprise-grade software through a visual user interface. Unqork raised a $207 million in Series C funding round at a $2 billion valuation in October 2020. In June 2021, Unqork utilized the Unqork Marketplace to showcase how the company’s software integrates with other apps like DocuSign. 

Fireblocks creates a digital platform providing infrastructure to secure and transfer cryptocurrencies. In July 2021, Fireblocks raised $310 million in a Series D round of funding. This brought the company’s valuation to $2.2 billion. Fireblocks supports over 900 tokens, or virtual currencies that reside on their own blockchains. 

Ro, aka Roman, offers telehealth, diagnostics such as COVID-19 testing, and pharmacy services. In March 2021, Ro raised $500 million in a Series D round of funding. That same month, Ro partneredwith the New York State Department of Public Health to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to elderly people as well as people with disabilities. 

Among the fintech NYC-based unicorns are Cedar, which allows patients to pay and engage with health care providers online; Symphony, which provides instant messaging to over 1,000 financial institutions; and Trumid, which offers trading solutions.

Non-fintech NYC-based unicorns include Socure, which offers identity verification and fraud detection services to banks, fintech companies, and other entities; Talkspace, which creates an app that allows clients to communicate with therapists; and Yotpo, which has bult an eCommerce marketing platform that facilitates loyalty and referral programs. 

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