TeleBrands Donates $450,000 of Hand Sanitizer to NYPD

The New York City Police Department is getting a boost in supplies to protect officers from the infectious COVID-19 disease, known as the coronavirus. New Jersey-based TeleBrands Corp., delivered its second of three donated shipments of Handväna HydroClean hand sanitizer, totaling $450,000, to the NYPD. The company, known for its top selling infomercial products, used its supply chain expertise to quickly formulate, manufacture, and distribute a moisturizing hand sanitizer in order to help combat the virus.

The NYPD has been greatly affected by the coronavirus. The department has experienced about 12 deaths and a large portion of the police force out sick during the pandemic in New York City, the hardest hit by the coronavirus.

“We recognized that due to vast shortages across the globe, nearly all available protective supplies have been going to healthcare workers. Yet with nearly 20 percent of uniformed NYPD officers out sick, the police force has been suffering and is in dire need of supplies that will help keep their officers healthy,” A.J Khubani, TeleBrands President said. “TeleBrands has committed to donating our hand sanitizer to both the Police Benevolent Association and the Sergeants Benevolent Association for direct distribution to the officers on the frontlines to keep them safe while they continue to do their best to keep us safe.”

Handväna HydroClean hand sanitizer is formulated with hemp seed oil, aloe vera and additional ingredients that combat drying, cracking, and bleeding associated with heavy use if hand sanitizer.

“We are so grateful for the thoughtfulness and generosity that AJ Khubani and the TeleBrands team have shown the NYPD. This product could not have come at a better time,” Detective John McDermott, retired NYPD, Narcotics Unit Manhattan North said. “With over 30,000 uniformed officers, the NYPD will be receiving enough Handväna hand sanitizer to distribute at least one bottle to every person on the force.

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