Social Media, Stock Market Respond To Trump Presidential Win

Days of protests from democrats and cheers from republicans continue following one of the biggest upsets in the nations political history. The world was shocked on Wednesday Nov. 9 as non-establishment GOP candidate billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump, claimed election victory becoming the 45th President of the United States. Opinions about President-elect Trump’s victory continue more than two days after the election on social media as users, stock market investors express excitement and fear about the change in leadership.

While President-elect Trump increased his lead over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on election night, stock markets dropped slightly in Europe and Japan as uncertainty of the nation’s next leader grew. The next morning, U.S. markets dropped slightly as anxious investors became nervous about new leadership. By Thursday, technology stocks including Facebook, Amazon and Google experienced slight declines at the market’s opening bell.

President Barack Obama followed the tradition of a peaceful transition of power by inviting President-elect Trump to the White House. They met in private and shook hands publicly before media to set an example to America that they can be peaceful in spite of policy disagreements. The night before the meeting, protests erupted on the streets of major cities, including New York City, by citizens upset with the election results.

The public voiced their cries on social media. The Hook, a magazine based in the United Kingdom, posted a satire video on Twitter of Trump and Hillary Clinton dancing to Drake’s “Take Care” featuring Rihanna. The 1:04 clip has head cutouts of the two candidates pasted on the artists bodies. The New York Times posted updates throughout the night predicting the probability of who would win the race, which sparked angry followers prompting the newspaper to delete its Twitter account and other hateful remarks.

Ronny Chieng of The Daily Show tried to convince undecided voters who is the lesser of the two evils in its Twitter posts, but it still didn’t swing any of their opinions. GIF’s of a nervous Kermit the Frog and The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon Cooper suffering from a panic attack, went viral when the race was too close to call.  

Trump supporters also created some clever memes to celebrate their candidate’s victory. One was the final voter map, which was predominantly red saying: “Trump has better coverage than Verizon. Can you hear us *now*?” Another post is the fisherman from a popular State Farm commercial with the White House dangling from a hook underneath a stunned Clinton with the meme reading: “Ooo you almost had it.”

Another meme that went viral was one of The Simpsons where the TV show predicted in an episode back in 2000 that Trump would become president. Trending Twitter hashtags included, #ElectionNight, #AmericaIsOverParty, #Florida, #DrainTheSwamp and #MAGA (Make America Great Again).

Here are some of the top tweets poking fun at the election. 




Amanda Bruno

Amanda Bruno

Amanda Bruno is a sports and technology writer. She previously covered the Boston Bruins for The Republican in Springfield, Mass., and is the former Sunday Editor of the Staten Island Advance. She attended Startup Institute in New York City for UX Design certification.