OtterBox Launches Glass with Antimicrobial Technology to Help Fight Coronavirus

Otterbox is creating technology that could help stop the spread of coronavirus. The company launched a glass screen protector from OtterBox and Corning featuring EPA-registered antimicrobial technology formulated to deliver tougher, cleaner displays.

“Our phones pick up bacteria wherever we go,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. “Amplify Glass with Antimicrobial Technology incorporates an agent in the glass to help reduce microbial growth.” 1

The EPA-registered technology in this new Amplify Glass keeps the screen protected longer from drops, bumps, scratches and helps keep the screen clean. The silver ion technology is embedded in the glass and won’t wear away over time.1

For 360-degree protection, pair Amplify Glass with Antimicrobial Technology with Defender Series Pro, available for the latest Apple iPhones. For full device availability, check out

OtterBox Amplify Glass with Antimicrobial Technology and Defender Series Pro are available now on



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