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NYC Reformating Hiring Process with A.I Tools

New York City is aiming to become the first city in the country to use A.I hiring tools.

A meeting at the city council was taken place to enforce a new bill about the hiring process of new employees. A job opening process usually has the resume of applicants and gets sent through an automated hiring system that are rejecting their resumes. 

Residents in New York could get more chances to land a job without the automated system. The new bill would ban employers from using automated hiring tools unless a yearly bias audit can show they won’t discriminate based on an applicant’s race or gender. It would also force makers of those AI tools to disclose more about their opaque workings and give candidates the option of choosing an alternative process such as a human to review their application.

Jobs are mostly posted online with the simple upload with resume and to wait for an email to be sent to you to continue the process of being hired. With this law, it will be a completely reformatted system that can benefit the city with many job openings. 

The city council voted for the bill to be passed but the Mayor Bill De Blasio, who is leaving office soon will be given a month for him to sign it. Many are saying that his administration will not sign it. If the law is signed, it would take effect in 2023 under Mayor-elect Eric Adams.

Gino Alva

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