NYC Phase 4 Restricted as Nation Struggles with Coronavirus [VIDEO]

New York City has entered Phase four of its reopening process. Concerns about community spread and problems among states to contain the coronavirus has Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo concerned about fueling a possible outbreak if the city moves too fast in its reopening process. As a part of the phase four process, outdoor activities including zoos, botanical gardens and outdoor film production were cleared to resume. Museums and indoor cultural arts were left out of phase four to protect the public.

Texas, Arizona and Florida continue to break records across the nation with record outbreaks and coronavirus new cases topping 10,000 in one single day. Florida’s highest day had ore than 15,000 new cases in a single day and a 10,000 infection rate per day over a five day period. New York has continued its mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone traveling from a coronavirus hotspots. The tri-state alliance including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, requires visitors from known coronavirus hotspots including Florida, Arizona and Texas, must quarantine for 14 days or risk facing fines up to $2,000.

Restrictions were also placed on New York City during Phase three. Indoor dining was forbidden during the Phase three reopening due to research suggesting the coronavirus spread in other states and countries while eating in closed spaces indoors through the air conditioning vents and filtration systems.

Watch Mayor de Blasio discuss phase four in the video below.

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