NYC Healthcare Startup Adds New Brand to Help Allergy Sufferers

Last Year, New York City startup, Thirty Madison, raised $47 million for its three direct-to-consumer treatments for hair loss, migraines and chronic indigestion. Now, they are tackling allergies. 

Founders Steven Gutentag and Demetri Karagas launched the company in 2018 with Keeps, the hair loss treatment. In early 2019 they added a migraine treatment, Cove, and later in the year, an acid reflex treatment, Evens. They just launched Picnic for treating allergies. 

“We take a patient-first approach to everything we do. Every decision we make starts with ‘Is this what’s best for our patient?’” said Mollie McGill, Director of Design at Picnic. 

While deciding what their next business unit should focus on, they realized there are more than 50 million allergy sufferers in the U.S. Thirty Madison conducted surveys and interviews to learn about their core customer. They discovered that allergies impact everyone differently, and most treat their symptoms incorrectly because they misunderstand how to treat symptoms. The company concluded that their customer would benefit from a personalized treatment plan.

“This revelation was key to building a brand informed by customer data and insights, leading us to build this beautiful brand and create a quiz to match our customers with the treatment they need,” said McGill. 

After the patient takes the quiz, they get connected to the proper treatment for their needs. 

While creating the website, Picnic wanted to stand apart from other allergy brands. They “focused on tapping into this idea of ‘a breath of fresh air,’ aiming to be approachable, yet credible; elevated, yet accessible.”

Part of Thirty Madison’s mission is to bring affordable healthcare to their patients. Their treatment subscription can cost between $5 and $58, depending on their individual needs. If customers know their allergy needs, they can view all the product options to choose the correct medicine. 

“A huge part of our mission at Thirty Madison is to expand access to care for patients everywhere – again, whether you do or don’t have insurance, we want our products to be affordable for everyone,” said McGill.

Check out the Thirty Madison and Picnic websites to learn more. 

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Mandy Carr

Mandy Carr

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