New York City Set To Reopen Mid June

The city that never sleeps is finally waking up from two months of being on pause. New York City, the nation’s largest and hardest hit city during the Covid-19 Pandemic, is preparing for a possible mid-June reopening to start the healing process from the health and economic crisis.

While selected upstate and central areas of New York State reopen May 15 with downstate exiting Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s “New York Pause” public health initiative May 28, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke about the reopening date, the future of the city and its five boroughs, including 8.5 million residents during his press conference Thursday.

“From my point of view I am pleased with where we are today…we are not out of the woods by any means. I need to focus on keeping people safe right now, and in the future,” de Blasio said. “If at any point the indicators aren’t secure, the numbers are going the wrong direction again, we will be careful and cautious.”

Mayor de Blasio was “not satisfied” with the number of Covid-19 cases currently in the city to initiate reopening in May, unlike the drop in cases to upstate New York. Indicators to reopen set by federal and state governments include a continued decrease in the number of infections.

Mayor de Blasio encouraged more people to get tested including residents with coronavirus symptoms or those who came in contact with others showing symptoms. Mayor de Blasio also discussed on pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome (PMIS) recently diagnosed in some children in the state, a reminder that the New York Police Department’s role is to keep residents safe, and a discussion on ways to help the city’s homeless.

Earlier in the week, Mayor de Blasio met with his business advisory group, including small business owners and restaurateurs to discuss proposals on reopening and ways to help the public. The Mayor said that any resurgence of Covid-19 would “set small businesses back.” During the press conference Mayor de Blasio also told reporters he thinks the city can lift some restrictions and reopen in mid-June only if required metrics are met.

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Ema Gavrilovic

Ema Gavrilovic is a graduate of DePaul University with M. Ed in clinical counseling degree. Ema's career accomplishments include freelance writing, social media and PR consulting. In her spare time Ema likes to explore outdoors, cooking and yoga.